Sedation Dentistry

Sedation services are offered for your care and comfort. Oral sedation is provided with your physician’s medical clearance and approval. This is a terrific way to relax and you’ll awaken to a beautiful new healthy smile that you can enjoy with confidence!

A step-by-step approach to provide you with the care you desire is discussed at your initial consultation. We will need to review your x-rays with you and answer all of your questions. We are happy to assist you with electronic filing of your dental insurance and provide you with a treatment outline, highlighting any issues which need to be addressed.

Your sedation appointment is arranged when you make a down-payment. This ensures your exclusive care with Dr. Wrigley. We offer convenient interest-free monthly payment plans to fit your budget. We will also secure medical clearance from your physician for the oral sedation care.

Several days prior to your sedation care, you return to us for a pre-operative visit (60 minutes.) During this visit, your vital signs will be taken and consent forms will be reviewed with you. Dr. Wrigley will also provide you with your sedation medication (Valium and Triazolam). You will be provided with detailed written instructions for both before and after your care. We will tailor your care for a relaxing and comfortable visit, providing you with spa amenities you select during your care!

The night prior to your dental care, you will take your Valium to ensure a restful night’s sleep. One hour prior to your dental care appointment, you will take your Triazolam with a small amount of liquid and any other medications as directed by the doctors. Your loved one will drive you to us and review any questions. Your companion can depart to complete errands providing us with a phone number to contact him/her in order to return to us at a certain time and return you safely to home. Once at home, your friend or relative should remain with you to support your safety and rest.

Arrangements are made for your return visit to fit your permanent restorations, remove sutures and have your dental hygiene cleanings maintained periodically.